Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds composed of tissues that are similar to a beautiful translucent rain. Vertical blinds can be used for home and office, for shop windows shopping pavilions, showrooms. Especially such blinds lookgood at the panoramic windows, exit to the balcony or terrace. Vertical blinds will make your interior neat and unusual.

Horizontal blinds (wood, aluminum, combined)

The main advantage of horizontal blinds, is that it is not just a functional device that can create a pleasant shade in the room, saving you from the glare of the sun. It is also a truly universal decoration on the window. You will appreciate these protective systems, regardless of whether you are planning to install horizontal blinds in the country, in the office or his apartment.

Bamboo blinds

Bamboo blinds most popular type of product among eco-designers. The warmth, comfort and a special oriental style give product placement from natural bamboo. Sun feature bamboo blinds depends on the density of weaving webs.
We offer two types of product assembly of bamboo:
1. The roll assembly
2.Roman assembly

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds (blinds) are installed on the windows and are designed to protect the room from the sun, and of course for window decoration in the interior. Blinds are easy to operate, durable for constant use and take up little space, because tissue collected on a shaft located above the window or in its opening. When the production of fabrics for roller blinds, use special anti-static, anti-bacterial and-dust impregnation, which give tissues with additional important features. Practicality blinds – that they are protected from burning and help protect from sunlight objects in the room.


Our windows are having in its composition multifunctional glass, which is used in the manufacture of multi-layer cross-spray containing silver technology. This gives to the windows special energy-saving feature that allows you to save on heating and air-conditioning facilities. Installing the windows significantly increases the cost of the new construction window, but you will experience significant savings on utilities, as well as appreciate the warmth and comfort of home.

Window sill

Thanks to the window sill, increasing the thickness of the warm the air layer near the window and the wall adjacent to the window sill area. In addition, the slope of the sill drains formed on the glass condensate.
Sill protects part of the wall at a penetration of rainwater when it gets into the open window. It serves decorative purposes organizing visual transition from the inner space of the room to the window, closes the top window niche, where you would normally set the battery. It is often stand for pots with flowers home.
Sill Window simplifies the service process (for example, if necessary, wash the glass or hang curtains and so on.)

Exterior window sills

Exterior window sills are made of different metals – copper, aluminum, galvanized low tide with polymer coatings. In all cases, the window sills are to perform their functions. Brass tides – is prestige and wealth ebb aluminum – durability, lightness, quietness, and any color. Galvanized sills with different polymer coatings – a wide range of colors and profitability.

Mosquito nets

Putting a protective structure on the active window shutters, you completely protect yourself against the penetration of mosquitoes and flies through the window. Grey mesh material color is invisible to you, for the insects, he is an insurmountable barrier. On our mosquito net will serve as the conscience for many years: it is resistant to UV light, contrasting external temperatures, moisture and other atmospheric phenomena.


Shutters for (windows, doors), garage doors, sectional doors – reliable and a great tool to protect your garage, shop, shop, stalls, windows, doors and balconies. It is an ideal solution to protect your premises. The so-called shutters adorn the facade of the store, the office, and a country house, and they have a respectable appearance.
The product is easy to install in-built buildings and the construction phase. In the open state meet fire safety, and do not hinder evacuation.

Automation for swing gates

Automation for swing gates, not only provides the convenience and reliability, but also ensures the safety gate control. The mechanism for swing gate controls access to any enclosed area.
You will be able to choose the drive for swing shutters automatic gate for different weight and size. Note: Many drives come with wicket modes and automatic detection of obstacles.

Awnings: manual, automatic

Awnings – prefabricated structure for shading a variety of outdoor facilities, such as a display of their exposures, window openings, terraces, as well as for protection against rain and wind. The main difference between the Marquis of any other stationary awnings is the ability to fold and unfold.